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CCH Activities include:

Spelling Bees

Book Bowls

Park Days

Science Fairs


Geography Bees

Teen Events

Community Christian Homeschoolers is a Christian support group serving families in Alachua and surrounding counties offering fellowship, support, and encouragement for parents: park days, field trips and other activities for their children.

CCH began in 1985 with just a handful of families and has now grown to over approximately 50 member families. The large group meets two times each year for re-enrollment and an Information Fair. 

Our large group is broken down into sub-groups of 5-10 families each to enable parents and children to get acquainted more easily, go on field trips and participate in other academic activities. The organization is simple: volunteer officers and sub-group leaders serve on a steering committee to guide the large group. Members volunteer to help plan activities and events. 

CCH encourages members to be actively involved and committed.  This will enable the family to benefit from the support group.

Membership is based on:

1.  agreement with the
Statement of Faith

2.  agreement with our
Purpose for Home Schooling and Goals

3.  compliance with the
Legal Status of Home Schooling in  Florida.

4.  recommendation by a family already established (one or more years) in CCH's support group AND/OR recommendation through an interview by the Prospective Member Liaison and/or the President.

CCH Philosophy

CCH is a "grass roots" volunteer organization for the purpose of providing homeschooling support, information and resources to its members. The members of CCH need to be "like-minded" enough to work together to accomplish these purposes, but have the freedom to determine materials and methods of homeschooling appropriate for their own families.

Therefore, members are Bible-believing Christians who have similar reasons for homeschooling and are in compliance with the law.

Members are committed to active involvement in the organization and are primarily responsible for carrying out its activities. The organizational structure of CCH is designed to provide a flexible framework within which members work together to meet each other's needs and have the freedom to be creative, try out new ideas, or pursue interests beneficial to the group as a whole.

The leaders of CCH function as facilitators and coordinators to enable the members to work together effectively.

 If you have further questions, please contact Julie Peine, Prospective Member Liaison at or (352) 692-5986

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